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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 15, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> greta: you are not going to believe this. president obama and the republicans now say they are taking tomorrow off. they are not meeting. can you believe it? president obama says if we don't handle the debt ceiling by august 2nd, social security checks might not go out. then the news about our nation's credit. a few hours ago s&p issued a warning. it is hard to believe they are not meeting tomorrow. they did meet late this afternoon. all reports are that they got nowhere. yesterday's meeting no better ended abruptly with the president dressing down eric cantor and then leaving. reports tonight are that leader cantor said nothing of today's meeting. the deadline is 19 days away. is there any chance we are going to meet this deadline? we asked democratic congressman chris van hollen and paul ryan they are both here. but first our speaker, john
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boehner. in watching what is going on in terms of these talks should the american people worry that matters have hit the skids with the talks or is this a political dance and both sides say insulting things and it gets resolved? >> we want it resolveed before august 2nd. all we need is for the white house to get serious about cutting spending. i've been warning the white house for months we need to get serious about this. yet, they say all the right things. when it comes to putting the real cuts on the table they've been unwilling. >> greta: is the president not telling you what he wants to cut or is willing to cut? is he saying here the number but i'm in the going to tell you what it is? >> we don't even have a number. as i said yesterday, it is like dealing with yellow. it keeping wobbling he have -- it is like dealing with jello. it keeping wobbling
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everywhere. the president wanted to increase taxes. he would never get serious about what he was willing to cut and how far he was willing to go. >> greta: you don't want to go to camp david this weekend you want to stay in town at the white house and so does leader pelosi, correct? you both said no to the offer? >> there was no offer. there was just some rumor floating around. i made clear i didn't think that was going to be productive. >> greta: the republicans have made it plain what their position is, no higher taxes, right? >> the cuts have to exceed the increase in the debt limit. no tax increases. and we have to have real controls in place to make sure this never happens again. something luke a balanced budget amendment. >> greta: i think the american people, if i may be so bold, a little bored with patches and would like a solution, whatever it may be. >> a real solution. >> greta: one of the things that senator mcconnell
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suggested a three part process different stages. are you opposed to that? does that solve it or does that push it off? >> senator mcconnell described this as a last-ditch effort. no one wants the federal government to default. as mitch mcconnell said his proposal was a last-ditch effort if we couldn't come to agreement. it is not my prefered option. i think we need to continue to solve our short term and long term debt issue. that means, the big deal. this is the moment of opportunity. this is the window that people have been waiting for, for sometime. where both parties can sit down and resolve this problem, once and for all. we know what the problems are. we spend too much. the president will not get serious about cutting spending. >> greta: there's been e-mails back and forth, yesterday money the media that the president got up and marched
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off and senator harry reid on the floor refers to leader cantor as childish. is that what has deteriorated to a bit of name calling? >> i think the president was frustrated yesterday. everyone of us around the take are frustrated. the president got frustrated and left abruptly. >> greta: appropriately or inappropriately? >> i think it was fine. i think he decided the meeting was over and go up and left. >> greta: was there any indication the meet something over, we'll talk tomorrow or was it just i'm out of here? >> we had already discussed meeting today. the president is frustrated. my goodness, the rest of us are frustrated too. i've been pushing the president all year to address this in a big way. i don't want to do some half
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hearted thing, some half baked gimmick. we've got a problem. the american people sent us here to solve the problem. why don't we do what we are supposed to do, the problem. >> greta: when you in the room meeting and the republicans have laid out what want. and you have told me what that is. the president, does he said, okay i'm willing to do this and then doesn't tell you what -- i take it makes a difference in some way to both parties what cuts are made in what areas. >> whatever suggested, it gets debated to no end. we've got people, the room is too big. too many people trying to negotiate what is a very difficult, and will be a difficult agreement. there's too many people in there pouring cold water on every idea that gets thrown on the table. >> greta: i suspect one of the problems that you have, while you personally may like
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something or not, you have to come back and sell it to the house of representatives. it isn't quite as easy as what you might want and what the president might want. >> if we are going to come to agreement there's going to be plenty of difficulty on both sides of the political aisle. but, i think it is time to do as much cutting as we can. otherwise, our debt is going to consume our entire economy. it is not good. >> greta: has the president given you a specific number? >> no, he has not. >> greta: what does he said when you what is your number? >> it depends. i've been asking the president for the last two months, mr. president, put your plan on the take. >> greta: and he says? >> we've talked about it. no, mr. president let's put your whole plan. what do you want us to do? he won't tell us. >> greta: what do you make of that? you both need to know each other's position, bargaining
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position. you need something to begin working from. >> that's the difficulty. that's why we are where we are now. >> greta: back to my question, sounds like we've hit the skids. this is like come august 2nd, we are going into a where we pass the debt ceiling. >> no one wants to go there. we've never been there before as a country. we are not sure was after august 2nd. frankly, there is no reason to get to august 2nd, without an agreement. all it is going to take is courage. courage from democrats and republicans. and real courage from the president. >> greta: the congresswoman bachmann talked to me last night about social security. the president said come august 2nd, maybe the checks won't go out. does the money from the social security come from a different account, essentially? so that even if we do hit the debt ceiling and there's some government shutdown, those checks still go out because
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the revenue from them is from people working? >> i don't believe so. the other day it -- at the end of the day it all comes out of the general fund. the general fund is expected to be out of cash, come august 3rd or august 4th. then the treasury secretary would have to make decisions about what to pay and whatnot to pay. >> greta: is there any discussion when you meet with the president about waste, fraud and overpavement? the gao did a huge report in march, right here, outlining all the problems, incredible waste that is going on in the government. including even something that may seem like chump change in 2009, 39 million dollars paid in inappropriate refunds to prisons and billions outlineed in savings. is there any sort of discussion there? assess wag we need -- we know the probe -- assessing what we need. we know the problems.
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>> there has been some agreement, that would save 30 to 40 billion dollars over the next 10 years, involves hiring more inspectors. more people to check on these programs. more people to check on the states who are not required to pay back mistakes that they make when they provide benefits to people. >> greta: it is incredible the amount of government waste that even the gao has identified. and the overlap. so the americans sit back and watch, i understand you are trying to figure out the number for the debt ceiling. i think a lot of americans are thinking what about the waste and fraud? maybe if we cleaned up some of that we wouldn't need to raise it as high. >> it certainly is part of the solution. let's not kid ourselves. the problem is far larger. today there are 10,000 baby boomers retiring everyday. that's 10,000 more people on social security. almost that many signing up for medicare. taking advantage of these
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programs. not taking advantage, they've earned these benefits. but it is draining the government of revenue faster than it is coming in. we've been on this spending binge since president obama took office. increased domestic discretionary spending by 24%. >> greta: do you say that to him in these meetings? >> oh yeah. >> greta: what does he said? >> was rescuing the country. >> greta: now what. if write in your position, i would say now what? >> it hadn't worked. and it is time to control the spending. get it back under control. >> greta: and he says? >> in the big picture, yes it is time to get in under control. when we get into the specifics, we can't do this and we can't did that. oh no we have to spend more here and more here. we never get to a real bottom line. >> greta: so now what? >> more discussions today. >> greta: we've had these. it is not like august 2nd, is
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a big vice we new in march it was going to come. >> we knew it in january. >> greta: we've known it a long time. do i understand your position, if the president gave you a number, that would be sort of enable us to move to the next stage in discussion? >> i think the president was more forthcoming about what he was willing to do. how far he was willing to go. i made it clear how far i'm willing to go in terms of getting these programs under control. to make sure they are us is -- sustainable for the long term. these entitlement programs are important for tens of millions of americans. yet, we know they are not sustainable. we know if we don't do anything we have to cut benefits. the american people don't want their social security or medicare benefits reduced. that's why it is important to tackle this problem and tackle it now. >> greta: are you opposed to
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kicking it done the road -- i shouldn't use that phrase. to have -- it down the road -- i shouldn't use that phrase. to have a three-phrase -- three-phase process. >> i've said this is the time to deal with it. i think there is a way to deal with it. and if the short time we have left. >> greta: i know is insulting people work hard to serve our country. where does politics play into this? i see all of you work hard. there is pooh -- people wonder if there is -- there is -- people wonder if there is some political element to this. >> i don't know it is political. there's a difference between republicans and democrats. i sit in this room over the last several weeks, frankly for the last several years. it is like two groups of people from two different planets. who barely understand the language of the other one. the two remarkably different visions for what the
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appropriate role of the government should be in our society. what -- how our country operates, it's stark and it would shock most americans. >> greta: so how do we get a compromise? if the republicans have their ideology and the democrats have their ideology. and they've drawn a line in the sand? >> it is a matter of finding enough common ground that's what all of these agrees boil down to. where is the common ground? it is not easy to find sometimes. i do think where there's a will, there's a way. i think a lot of people around that room from both parties are very sincere about trying to solve the problem. we just haven't solved it yet. >> greta: chris van hollen joins us. good evening. no matter what happens i'm lucky i got a job. it upsets me i like democrats
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and republicans, but i think you all let us down. >> it upsets me, it upsets our colleagues and certainly the american people. that's why i agree with speaker boehner that it is important for us to come together. not only find our common ground. but also be willing to make some of the tough compromises. there are going to be areas where we disagree. in the interests of the country there is going to have to be a little give-and-take. one of the reasons the president is so frustrated, is he has seen an attitude of -- on the republican side, take, take, no give. with one exception. which was sometime ago. when it appeared that he and speaker boehner were close to doing a big deal. and when word of that began to leak out, the speaker apparently had the rug pulled out from unhim, from within his own caucus. >> greta: in -- speaker boehner just said the president has not identified
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his number or specific cuts. i think that makes a difference. has he done that? >> to my knowledge, the president has put on the table something in the range of four trillion dollars. i know one element of that is 1.1 trillion talked about in the context of cuts to discretionary spending. the big decision there is creating some firewall. so it doesn't all come out of domestic discretionary spending. son the defense side. you mentioned the -- >> greta: horrifying. i think every american should explode. i went through that report and i wanted to explode. it is shame on everybody who works on capitol hill. >> it is horrifying. the one federal agency that has never passed a gao audit? the department of defense. you listen to conservatives and republicans they say, we need to cut some of that defense spending. there's a lot of waste. we said, out of that 1.1 trillion, you got to take
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savings out of the department of defense. they don't want to do a firewall. those are the issues that are still debated. the president has put quite a bit on the take. it appeared that there was -- that speaker boehner was also prepared to make some tough compromises. again, when word of that leaked out the rug was pulled out from under him. >> greta: if my budget is $10, i would cut it down to $8. that's a cut. is cutting on capitol hill mean we don't have the it's just been amazing. i discretionary spending down to a smaller share gdp since the eisenhower administration that was the president's original proposal. he has given more since. i think the real issue it requires give-and-take on both sides.
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>> greta: the problem is, we are at an ideology divide. that makes it hard. that makes it profoundly difficult. >> that's why compromise is necessary. the one thing every bipartisan commission that has looked at this has said if you want to get to a significant, big deal on the deficit you have to be on the revenue side. you have to close corporate tax loopholes. you have to begin to get rid of the subsidies for corporate jets. >> greta: that corporate jet thing. that's a political argument, such a small part. >> it is small but symbolic of the problem. not one penny for deficit reduction. >> greta: who came up with that corporate jet? which party brought up that loophole? >> it is on a list. >> greta: did you vote for it? >> i didn't vote for the corporate jet loophole. >> greta: did any democrat? >> a lot of stuff has found its way into the tax code. >> greta: the tax code is nuts.
1:18 am
but it is like that gao report, you know it has been going on for years and nothing gets done. >> but this is an opportunity. why take the position when you close a corporate loophole, you can't have the savings go to deficit reduction. that's what we've said. look, when ronald reagan was president, he made some tough decisions. cut taxes. but as senator simpson has pointed out, he raised revenue 11 times as part of an effort to get budget deficits deal. he raised the debt ceiling, 17 times. my view in the current context, ronald reagan would lose in a primary to a tea party candidate because he was willing to make tough compromises. >> greta: you get the last word on this, as you should, thank you. first death threats now admirers. casey anthony has fans and some are sending cash to her jailhouse account. making sure she is prepared when she leaves jail sunday. records in the correction
1:19 am
department shows 17 people have sent money orders to casey since may. most are men. we want to know what you think? do you have any problem with people sending money to casey anthony to help her get started? yes or no. go to now. >> we are in big trouble and time is running out. is the debate creating a rift in the gop? we ask paul ryan, next. >> big surprise for casey anthony she getting ready to walk out of jail sunday. she may be heading back to court. our legal panel is here to explain. >> is rush limbaugh going to be spending the evening with the president? rush will tell you, coming up.
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we will act and do what is necessary to maintain that commitment. we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem. and we are running out of time. >> greta: that is treasury secretary tim geithner. speaking about the rapidly approaching august 2nd, debt ceiling deadline. are republicans or democrats willing to compromise? joining us paul ryan chair of the house budget committee. i want to take up the point day spoke with congressman van hollen about.
1:24 am
this corporate jet thing what is your view? this has been kicked around politically and seems to taint the argument. >> it was in the stimulus bag damage. none of us voted for the stimulus -- tax policy that the president put in his stimulus package and passed. s saying it is a corporate jet loophole. it applies to lots of things, airplanes included. it never came up in discussions. first time i heard about it in the stimulus package was when he mentioned it six times in a press conference. >> greta: i don't understand this. it cheapens his argument. when you look petty and cheapen like that it is astounding. these are important issues for americans. very big difference between those two parties. august 2nd, does matter. >> when the rhetoric is here but the actions are over here.
1:25 am
saying this in private but something else in public, it makes it harder for parties to come together. it makes it hard for trust to be earned between two parties to get to agreement. look, i understand it plays for good politics and class warfare and makes it look like all we care about is corporate jets. who cares.5fweç we want to get rid of all of these loopholes in tax reform. our republican budget that's what we propose doing. we are saying, cleanup loopholes and lower everybody's tax rates so we can create jobs. that way the government doesn't lose money but we cleanup the tax codes. general electric paid no taxes but made a lot of money. ups paid a 34% tax rate and their competitor paid 24%. there's something wrong with the fact that we are taxing -- >> greta: the tax code is a problem. the gao has identified so many
1:26 am
problems. speaker boehner, i think has difficulty within his own party. he has people like you who under no circumstances will vote to raise the debt ceiling with a tax increase, is that right? >> no we should not -- >> greta: that would kick the can, not kick the can three steps wouldn't face the problem head on but do a little bit. you are opposed to that? >> i don't think it is the best idea. growth get if it came to that -- >> greta: if it came to that? >> i don't think it is god to negotiate through the media. i think where this is headed is, the president seems unwilling to cut the level of spending that is required from -- from our standpoint. >> greta: what number do you understand he's willing to cut? >> it keeps moving everyday. i've heard three numbers today. >> greta: why can't you get
1:27 am
together on this? at least get the number this is getting absurd. >> what we've said is for every dollar you want to raise the debt limit let's cut more than a dollar on spending. the debt is kurting job creation today. the president isn't -- is hurting the job creation today. the president keeps moving the number down on spending cuts, not up that means we won't raise the debt limit as long as he wants it to be raised for. then come your mcconnell scenario or some other scenario. if he is only willing to raise the -- spending cuts this much, he's only going to get that much of an -- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: is he negotiating in good faith? >> it keeps changing. i'm not in the room. so i can't answer the question. >> greta: what is your thought. you are hearing from the leaders. good faith or politics? >> i don't think he wants to
1:28 am
cut spending. i think he wants to raise taxes. spending that has happened over the last two years has been enormous, unprecedented. highest since world war ii. that was a big war. we've got a bunch of tax increases coming in 2013 that is hurting the economy today. businesses see the increases coming. he's saying i know i spent all this money, so raise more taxes to pay for it. we don't agree with all this spending. we den want to raise taxes more than what is coming. we want to cut spending and he didn't want to do that. i think we'll get spending cuts out of this. but it is amazing to me it has taken so much effort, all of this wrangling to cut what i would consider a modest amount of spending. >> greta: congressman ryan thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: florida wanted to execute her. now florida is setting her free. casey anthony should be packing getting red to leave her jail cell in three days --
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>> greta: will casey anthony be cashing in on her murder trial? the public outrage over the verdict is making the industry think twice. casey's expected walk out of jail this sunday but isn't as free as you might think.
1:33 am
court is in her future this time a civil court. three lawsuits have been filed against casey anthony. our legal panel is back. jim hammer. diana tennis and bernie grimm and ted williams. ted represents brandon sparks the son of the man who found caylee's remains. now from criminal court to three civil suits. >> leonard -- leonard padilla is bringing one the bounty hunter who was a parasite. he went into that home and learned as much as he could from that family. he used that family. went all over television. he has no contractual relationship that lawsuit is going nowhere. then there's equusearch. a good organization. does good things. but there is no contract from what i understand. that lawsuit is going nowhere. it is sad they would bring these lawsuits. i wish they could get something. the only lawsuit that will go
1:34 am
somewhere is the investigators that done something in the state of florida looking for that young child. >> greta: bernie? >> it is hard to top ted. you set it up right. one is criminal, one is civil. this woman walked into court last week after receiving a verdict. and probably expected to be killed within a year by the state of florida. this is just money if there's a lawsuit and judgment against her, who cares. it is just money. when you compare it to the fact that her life was at stake. i can't get too excited over this. they are frivolous lawsuits. this woman is alive and breathing. >> greta: can we talk about the people sending checks. not a lot of money i think about $500 now. i mean people are sending checks to her so that she can walk out with $500. what did you think about that? >> i think it is odd. but there's so many people out
1:35 am
there who have odd opinions about this case that are willing to let those be known. i think it goes to show, there's going to be a handful of people wherever she guess that have some sort of weird compassion, empathy, titilation with this entire case that are going to be willing to help her out and/or prey on her. i think it is going to be a mixed bag when she hits hollywood as to whether they are going to welcome her with open arms or try to stab her in the back. i don't know. i think it is going to be a weird reality she ends up in. >> greta: we put a poll up to see whether people would send money or not we are trying to gauge how the community feels about it. jim since you are from california i'm going to give you the hollywood question. i know you are not in hollywood. that's good enough for me, california. do you think any production company can give her money in any way?
1:36 am
>> absolutely. even news organizations give money to people that come on. >> greta: isn't she so poison that there is going to be such public outrage? >> o.j. at least for a time got away with a book then the publishing company took the deal back. can i add one more lawsuit to the mix that i think should be filed. the state of florida, i think pam bondi, our friend ought to file a wrongful death action on behalf of caylee action. there's a lower burden of proof in a civil case if the stay of florida file a lawsuit on behalf of the victim. they would win, get a huge judgment and would be guaranteed for the rest of her life any penny she made -- >> greta: how about the father? >> i would start and there him in as well. these people have -- >> greta: to, no what i mean
1:37 am
-- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: no, the father of caylee, the unidentified father out there, -- [ talking over each other ] >> he has standing but the state could as the attorney general ought to look at it. that would guarantee she never profits. >> greta: sunday is the big day. i think they would probably let her out a day early to try to an individual the media. they don't want the media -- to avoid the media. they don't want the media there, we'll see. thank you all. radio talk show host laura ingraham is here and ruining a big surprise. she will tell you herself, next did you hear what happened to governor scott walker? first the backlash from his collective barginning law. now he can't get a hotel room. verizon claims its 4g lte is twi as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm a mistrial in a case after prosecutors showed evidence that had been banned. the baseball great couldn't receive a fair trial after that. the judge was upset that the prosecutor showed video of a congressman referred to a conversation earlier ruled to be hearsay. clemens is accused of lying to congress about his steroid use. >> chavez may have had to receive chemotherapy in a hospital in brazil which is the best in latin america. earlier this month, he admitted to having a tumor but had had a successful operation in cuba to extract cancerous cells. for your latest headlines, go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. now in an update.
1:43 am
rupert murdoch will testify before the british parliament. this tuesday murdoch and his son will and questions about the phone hacking scandal which led to the shutdown of the news of the world tabloid. murdoch is the ceo of news corp, which owns news of the world and of course is the parent company of fox news channel. the scandal forced murdoch to drop his 12 billion dollar bid to take over european satellite broadcaster bskyb. allegations that news word hired people to hack into voice males. british police have arrested nine people connected to this investigation. there's more. bipartisan group calling for an investigation in the united states. earlier today the fbi announced it has opened an investigation into whether news corp tried to hack into the telephones of 9/11 victims. murdoch has call the
1:44 am
allegations deplorable and unacceptable. four days ago sunday murdoch shutdown the 168-year-old tably. murdoch has given an interview to the "wall street journal" also owned by news corp. he defends his company's reaction saying they handled it well in every way possible with a few minor mistakes. murdoch said he will establish an independent committee to investigate every charge of improper conduct. >> what really annoys you or grosses you out? maybe manners bad grammar? laura ingraham is out with a new book. she is examining the state of american culture, it is on the decline? congratulations on your new book. >> thank you. >> greta: "of thee i zing." the cover whose idea was that? >> raymond and it. washington crossing the
1:45 am
delaware and seeing all these hazard as head it was a difficult time for a new land this is what we see now in our culture. we see tattooed sleeves, coming out of the water, frappuccinoes the ear buds. of the, i zing from muffin tops to body shops. -- to body shots. you are stkeupblging people. >> greta: i confessed -- i laughed we i read the back. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: if anyone knew i laughed, i would lose all my friends. i would lose all our viewers, i would lose everything. let's go through some of the let's start with reunions. i happen to like mine. >> reunions are not my thing. the people you actually met and were your friends in college, you continue to be your friends. i never went to a college
1:46 am
reunion. i to my law school reunion for, 45 minutes. -- there's the people you keep in contact with. you are not going to your reunion? last time i merchandise in 1986 we weren't having a good time then so i'm not going to worry about it. >> greta: essentially, the book is things that annoy people. >> reunion is not the best example. >> that's where you lose your friends. [ talking over each other ] >> all the things we see daily from manners to clothes to dress, our pop culture, education, parenting. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: let's give some samples. >> don't ever put your hand in a seat back compartment if you are on amtrak, a plane. i've found half eaten grilled
1:47 am
cheeses, baby wipes, soiled diapers, gum that has just been put in there. all manner of refuse and none of it is good. >> greta: you describe that on planes nothing more than miniature inflight landfills many >> have you ever eaten anything off of a tray table, ever? den touch the tray table. >> greta: you didn't put in here, you once had a discussion in the make-up room about the remote controls. >> don't ever touch the remotes in hotels, i bring a plastic bag. >> greta: do you really? >> yeah >> greta: you made us crazy. we are afraid to touch anything. [ talking over each other ] >> it does to how we are in public. how we treat the things that we know other people are going to be touching and using that's in the manners chapter. >> greta: i consider -- this
1:48 am
is in your view the decay of the american culture. >> cultural intervention. 12 step program. admit we have a problem and we are all part of it, including me. then laugh through the pain and then improve it together. >> greta: union workers in wisconsin don't like him much. we didn't know it was this bad for wisconsin governor scott walker. >> brace yourself for this other one. another congressman's twitter account is hacked. that is always the beginning. the word inappropriate is part of this story. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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>> greta: we told you casey anthony has fans. some are sending cash to her jailhouse account. we want to know what you think? we asked do you have any problem with people sending money to casey anthony? 73% have a problem. 27% don't have a problem. >> here's the best of the rest: we know he maiden minds with his collective barginning law, -- we know he made enemies with his collective barginning law. he was forced to sleep on the floor. hailstorm cancelled flights and damaged several planes.
1:53 am
governor walker tweeted he slept on the floor in a conference room and wasn't able to change his clothes for 28 hours. >> we remember congressman weiner's twitter scandal. now another congressman is having twitter woes. congressman -- congressman johnson's account has been hacked. his office immediately call the police. we don't know what was in the photograph. after he tweeted this, yes our account was hacked. we are working with u.s. capitol police, twitter and others to resolve this. we'll continue to tweet. >> remember drew peterson? he's sitting in jail facing two murder charges. he has another legal challenge. through his lawyers he's threatened the producers of a new movie based on his life starring actor rob lowe. he's demanding the network stop production by friday or face legal action. peterson argues the movie
1:54 am
would prejudice any potential jury pool. he's accused murdering his third wife in 2004. also the only suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife in 2007. peterson is claiming his innocence while awaiting trial. there you have the best of the rest. >> coming up, your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. did you hear what rush limbaugh says he wants to do? and it is with president obama. president obama. rush will [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> greta: time for last call. the debt cpz> obama says okay, eric don't make me call my bluff. now, folks, i don't want to nitpick here, but i'm going to nitpick. we're told this guy is smarter than everybody else the in the world. we're told three years nobody
1:59 am
can keep up with this guy. he's so far ahead of us, that it's pointless to try to understand him, we should just try to position ourselves so we bask in the glow as well. i thought the point, and i don't play poker. i knowx how, but i play poker if a long time, but i always thought the point of a bluff was to hide that you're bluffing. cantor would be the one to say don't make me call your bluff. but obama making it, don't make me call my bluff? and... i'd love to play poker with this guy, tonight. he doesn't know what he's doing. >> greta: that is your last call. go to greta and comment about tonight's show.


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